Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Shopping and planning

So the day approaches and the planning continues.  I don’t know if my body “knows” what I am planning but, as a punishment for my misdeeds, it has decided to treat me to a dose of IBS-C.  Yey!  As much as I am dreading the elimination phase I have to admit that I will not miss this. This doesn’t happen as much as my IBS-D moments and I have to admit that it is less “anti-social” but the ongoing discomfort is really not fun.  My skinny jeans no longer fit and I feel like a small baby elephant right now!

So, I have discovered that Sainsbury’s seems to be cornering the market in FreeFrom products. I am a little bit less worried about the whole thing.  This is assuming of course that any of the gluten/dairy free stuff actually tastes like the food it is supposed to replace. We shall wait and see – the jury, for now, remains out.
So, I have started to adapt foods I like to try and make them FODMAP friendly.

Idea 1; Spicy “Sausage” pasta
Pork mince
Fresh chilli
Fresh thyme
Tinned tomatoes – check the label for additives
Garlic Infused olive oil
Gluten free pasta

Hope it works! 

Other than that, things are plodding along.  It’s not long until the 26 and I have a lot of stock cupboard shopping to do before then. I also have a lot of clearing out to do.  I have never been able to resist temptation so I will have to clear out everything that I am not allowed to eat.  Especially really naughty things like fresh bread and normal pasta.  I keep having to tell myself that it's only temporary - this too shall pass! Anyway, back to my brand new pretty notebook that I am using to note down recipe ideas. 

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